Blacklisted Online Casinos

There are countless casinos on the web, and most of them are fair and safe and offer you a great gambling experience. Sadly, there are casinos that are not a safe places to gamble and invest your money. These are casinos that are already, or soon going to be, blacklisted. In simple terms, a blacklisted casino is a gambling site where you don’t want to gamble. It has problems and issues, and it can make your gambling experience a nightmare.

An important thing to know here is that blacklisted casinos can end up on the list below due to all sorts of issues. You may believe that if a casino doesn’t pay out the winnings, it will end on the list. You are right. But this is just one of many reasons why we will blacklist an online casino. There are many other issues and reasons why a casino can be blacklisted. Once that happens, we will recommend you avoid the casino and play at a different site. It is a safe and much better decision than you may believe.

All online casinos must offer a safe, fair, and fun gambling experience without any issues. If that experience is compromised or affected by a problem, it means that the casino doesn’t really care about you or that the operators want to use you for profit! This is a huge issue and one that must be prevented as much as possible. Now you can see why these lists are so important and why you should check a casino before you start to gamble. 

Ideally, you will check the casino on our list below. If it is not on the list, the odds are high that the casino is a safe and fair place on the web to gamble. But, if you see the name on the list, avoid the casino completely. Do not even spend time on the website. If the casino is not on the list, it means that you should investigate more. You will want to see details about licenses, software providers available, platforms that test games like eCOGRA, and more. Fair casinos will be transparent about these things, and they will reveal all the information you need to know.

Below we will reveal the list of blacklisted casinos, but at the same time, we will explain why a casino can end up on the list. Once you know why we may blacklist a casino, you can check these factors at the site where you want to gamble and deduce the obvious. Is that casino safe or not? If the casino is fair, you can create a new account and start gambling there. This is the obvious answer, and a good thing is the fact most casinos are safe. Their goal is to have regular gamblers who come to the casino and gamble. Blacklisted casinos don’t have this goal, and they are created to take your money or promote something. Keep in mind that some casinos can be blacklisted when the operator is in financial issues or doesn’t resolve issues players have reported!

List of scam casinos

Here, we have the main element of the guide. You can see a long list of casinos that were blacklisted. What this means is that these casinos have been tested by our team. If they find some issue or one of the main reasons why the casino must be blacklisted, it will end up on the list. Another thing to remember is that there are 9 reasons why we will blacklist a casino. Even if the casino has one of the issues mentioned below, it must be featured on the list.

We will reveal why the casino is blacklisted, and therefore, you will understand why avowing that casino is a wise thing to do. We must add that some casinos are blacklisted due to severe issues, while others are blacklisted due to minor issues. Both of these can and will affect your gambling experience, hence a casino of that kind may be the ideal thing to avoid.

Just imagine the scenario in which you played a game and won big amounts of money. Now you will want to withdraw the winnings. But the casino will refuse to pay out or postpone the withdrawal indefinitely. This is the last thing you want to happen to you and the first one to avoid. This is just one of the possible issues you can experience!

Casino Reason For Blacklisting It
1X2 gaming False ads
Ace Live Casino Not safe or fair practices
Aztec Casino Rigged casino games
Bella Vegas Spam
Blu Casino Issues with payments
Casino Tropez Issues with payments
Lady Dream Rigged casino games
Lock Casino Issues with payments
Majestic Comet Issues with payments
Lucky 18 Issues with payments
Park Lane Casino Issues with payments
Osiris Casino Issues with payments
Prism Casino Issues with payments
Rushmore Casino Issues with payments
Royal Ace Issues with payments
VIP Golden Club Rigged casino games
Win Palace Issues with payments

Reasons for blacklisting online casinos

For some of you, this section is the most important. We will reveal why a casino can end up on our list. As we have stated above, there are 9 separate reasons why we can blacklist a casino. Now, a casino can be blacklisted due to one reason only, two reasons, or all of them. However, it is common thing that the casino will be blacklisted due to just one reason. An interesting fact is that we noticed that some blacklisted casinos start with one issue and then develop other ones. This makes things worse, and even if a player starts gambling at the casino, he or she will soon realize that the casino is not a safe place to gamble and should stop.

To understand these reasons well, consider them as factors to look for at a new online casino. If there are no issues with the factor and the casino is transparent and does things as it should, you will gamble there. But, if one of the factors is problematic or, better said, negative, you will want to avoid gambling there. In the best-case scenario, you will have all sorts of issues with playing the game, winning, and withdrawing the winnings. You can experience other problems as well.

All of this means that your gambling session will be loaded with problems and you can end up under stress, or annoyed or you can just want to withdraw your money and move to the next casino. There is no need to add that you will want to avoid that at all cost.

While some reasons look like irrelevant or less important, they are not. Each one can make your gambling worse and annoy you. In order to help you completely, we will have to explain each reason in detail and we will give you an example to help you understand the issue even more.

A huge problem here is that some of these reasons will not present themselves when you are creating an account. You need to create an account, deposit funds, play a game and in some cases even win in order to notice the problem. There is no need to add that this makes our list even more important. In this way, you don’t have to invest your time and money in a casino that will try to scam you or worse! All you will have to do is to check the list and if you see the name of the casino where you want to gamble, avoid it. Luckily for you, we will help you by recommending safe and sound casinos where you can gamble, have fun and win big. These casinos were tested as well and they don’t have any issues, give honest bonuses and so much more. In other words, you won’t have any of the issues we are going to discuss below. The goal of safe casinos is to provide fair gambling and fun to all players.

Slow payment

One of the most common reasons is slow payment or payments. This means that when you win and you want to withdraw the funds, a problem will arise. You will issue a request and you will see that the process is completed. But, you won’t get the funds on your bank account (or any other payment method). You will have to wait for weeks or even months to get the funds.

Always remember that a casino must be transparent about when and how long the withdrawals will last. For example, if a casino completes this within 1 day and it states that withdrawal times are 1-3 days, you are gambling at a safe casino. But, if the same casino needs months to send money to your account, it will be blacklisted.

The aforementioned issue happens when an operator doesn’t have a proper budget to pay you out or they want to do something else with your money. There are countless other reasons, and each one will have a negative effect on your gambling experience.

All casinos may postpone withdrawal request at some point. This happens when the casino has too many requests for withdrawals, there is an issue with that particular payment method or etc. But, in these cases, you will still get your funds within a few days.

We must add that all casinos have pending time. It can be issued at any given moment, and this means that you will get your money a bit later. But, these times are typically between 1 hour and 48 hours. Blacklisted casinos will have you wait for weeks or even months. This is a bad practice and one you don’t want to happen to you. You need your money and you will want it available on your account within minutes if that is possible. Luckily, many safe casinos are able to do that.


Sadly, this is the most severe issue here and the one that can make a huge problem for any gambler. There are two main problems here. The first one is that you have to gamble and win before you can even notice this issue. The second one is that you will win and you will be happy but you cannot get the winnings! All gamblers would be disappointed at this moment.

As the name suggests, you will issue a withdrawal request. It will be completed soon but you won’t get your money. You will wait for days and nothing will happen. Other blacklisted casinos will use a different approach. They will make withdrawal impossible due to some reason. Some operators will even state that a particular payment method you want to use is unavailable at the moment or that there is something wrong with that company.

There are not a lot of things you can do at this point. Yes, you can contact the payment method customer support and ask them about any issues or problems. They will probably tell you that everything is fine on their end. You can try to contact the customer support of the casino and they will tell you that everything is fine on their end too.

The only thing you can actually do is to report the casino to a gambling authority if it has a license (most of the time it will not) or authorities. This usually will not help you a lot. You can even submit a complaint and try to blacklist the site. If many gamblers do the same thing, the casino will end on multiple blacklists any time soon.

As you can assume, withdrawing the winnings in this case scenario is not possible. Most gamblers will lose their investment and their winnings if a casino refuses to pay them out.

False advertising

It is one of the extremely common issues and problems that we can see on the list. It is also one of the problems that can potentially be a huge problem for certain players. False advertising is used to attract new players and keep the existing ones by offering false offers.

The best example we can see is an email you will get from the casino. It will state that you are eligible for a special offer that will give you 200 free spins on a slot game. When you use the link and you want to claim the offer, it will either be expired and replaced with a new one or you will actually get 1 free spin only. This is the basis of false advertising and it is one of the things that can have a huge negative effect.

The second goal here is that the casino will want to take more of your money by offering some deals and promotions that are not even real or they are false. If you don’t pay attention to the offers, you are likely going to get some weird deals or something similar. You will probably waste your money or end up annoyed in the end.

False ads come in all forms and can be presented to you in all sorts of ways. For example, you can see banners at casinos, get email notifications, get app notifications and so much more.

Some casinos that are using these practices can even offer you ads that will be extremely bad. This means that they may direct you to a scam website that can steal your money. The issues here come in massive numbers and can affect millions of players. Always check the ad and see if it is really offering what it says to offer.

Unfair conditions

We will frequently blacklist a casino that has unfair or conditions that are even completely impossible to meet. The best example is also the most common issue and the one you will want to avoid. Imagine that you have won a significant amount of money. You want to withdraw it and you see that this is not possible. You need to meet certain conditions that are actually present in the terms and conditions at the casino.

The sad truth here is that most casinos of this kind will ‘’burry’’ those terms deep into the terms and conditions. Most gamblers will never read the terms and conditions. This makes a huge problem, especially if the terms are unfair. The casino can even change the terms once you have read them. More on that later.

We understand that all casinos must have proper terms. This means that they can protect themselves and make gambling actually possible. Another example here is the wagering requirement. Casinos do need these. But, a fair casino will have this anywhere between 1 and 80 times. On the other side, a casino may have these very high. Unrealistic wagering requirements can be as high as 300 times. This is a huge issue and one that you will want to avoid.

We will constantly scan the terms and conditions of the casino and if the conditions expanded are unfair or looks completely strange, we will blacklist the casino. It may sound bad because that casino didn’t do anything bad, but in reality, it is a huge problem for gamblers. They won’t be able to get the winnings they want and they may be forced to meet some conditions that are impossible. Once again, you don’t want this and you will want to try and avoid casinos of this kind.

Change of conditions

We know that most casinos are growing all the time and as such, they must change the terms. They will need to update them occasionally to stay in business. These changes can be bad or good for players. For instance, if the wagering requirements are decreased, it is a good thing. If they are increased significantly, it is not a pleasant thing.

Small changes to the terms that occur a couple of times per year are not a big deal. The casino will still have to notify the players when they change the terms. If a casino is changing the terms all the time and doesn’t notify the players, it is a good reason to blacklist the casino.

This doesn’t mean that the casino will refuse to pay out your winnings or they will make withdrawals impossible. It means that you will, once again, have to meet new conditions or the ones you like are long gone. All of this can and will have a negative effect on your gambling experience and can make a big problem for players who don’t like to change things.

Let’s imagine an example where you are playing poker. But, the player or house is changing the rules every single time. There is no point to play the game. Now, let’s apply this example to an online casino. You are playing a game and when you want to withdraw the winnings, you see that wagering requirements were increased from 10 times to 20 times. You will need to play and deposit 100% more to reach the same outcome. This is not an acceptable practice and it is something that you will want to avoid at all costs.

Honestly, notifying the players about change of terms has a small value in all of this. It still doesn’t make any sense to change the terms regularly and make gambling at the casino worse or more complicated. Casinos that we recommend don’t do this often. They may change the terms once every couple of years or when new laws are applied.

Legitimacy of the game

All the games you can play at a casino must be fair and legitimate. First of all, we want to see that games are developed by well-known software developers such as Microgaming, Bet Soft, NetEnt, etc. There are a lot of software developers, so a casino can mix and match as much as it likes. More software developers is always a good thing. It simply means that the casino will have more games to offer.

One advantage when a casino has well-known software developers is that odds that the game is legitimate are much higher. Even then, we require seeing proof that the games are legitimate. For instance, we like to see the eCOGRA badge at the casino. It means that the games are tested, and there are no issues. This is just one of many third-party organizations and companies that test the games and make sure they are legitimate.

In addition, we want to see that the games are tested and approved on a regular basis. This is mandatory, and it means that the casino will always care about the gamblers and prove to them that all the games they offer are precise as they should be. 

Some casinos will use unknown software developers. This can mean that they will present to you games that are rigged. A rigged game is the one that cannot give you a winning combination. You will play, and you will invest your real money, but you cannot win anything. As you can see, there is no point in playing this game. If the casino has one rigged game, it will likely have more of the same kind. In simple terms, a casino will steal your money.

These casinos must be blacklisted as soon as possible, and we will usually recommend all players to avoid them as much as possible. There is no point in gambling here, and there are no reasons why you should use a casino of this kind. It is the worst casino type and the one that you will have to report if you encounter one.


Sadly, a huge problem these days comes in the form of spam. The best example is also the simplest one we can reveal here. You will play at a casino, and you will have to provide all sorts of information in order to play. These will often include your email address, personal details, card details, and more. The casino may use and need all sorts of information from you to operate. This is a fine and ordinary thing.

A big issue arises when the casino sells the information to third parties. The data will be used by marketing agencies. You will start receiving all sorts of promotions, deals, and so much more. Most of those will be spam, and you will want to avoid this issue.

We will always consider this a huge problem. A casino is not a social media website that generates profit in this way. It is a casino, and you and your data must be safe at all times. It can make a massive difference these days. If a casino sells your data, you will notice that soon. Within days after registering at the casino, you will start receiving all sorts of emails and offers. If you have created only one account at that time, it means that the casino sold your data. There are some things you can do about this, but they are time-consuming and annoying.

A casino must protect you and your data. That’s why we are looking at security technologies and safe practices at the casino all the time.

Security Questions

This is more than just an important reason why we will blacklist a casino and why we will tell all the people to avoid it. These days, a casino must use and offer all sorts of technologies that can make a massive difference in your online security. For instance, all safe and fair casinos must use SSL. It is mandatory these days, and a casino without it is not a wise choice to make.

Equally important is the fact that all casinos must improve and must enhance their level of security. Threats online are advancing as we speak, and new ones arise every single day. That’s why a casino that spends a lot of time and money to boost security is the right place to gamble. It means that your data and personal information are safe at all times and nobody can obtain them.

Just imagine an example where hackers hack the casino and steal your data. Now you can see your address, card number and so much more available online to the highest bidder. Do you want this to happen? Of course not, and this is why you will have to avoid the casinos that don’t offer proper protection to you.

We understand that this can be expensive, and not all casinos can afford the ultimate layer of security all the time. But, we also know that gamblers need that security. Hence, there is no room to compromise here. Luckily, there are a lot of great casinos online that have impressive security already.

History of complaints

If a casino has tons of complaints that are linked to the name of the brand, we will blacklist that casino. It means that the casino has been a problematic place to play for a long time and as such, it is not worth your time. These complaints can be small and not severe. For example, many players can report that customer support is not very fast or that they are difficult to contact. Don’t believe that we will look at complaints that affect payments only.

There is one issue here. Some casinos will get negative complaints despite the fact they didn’t do anything wrong. However, we know that the number of these complaints will be low, and some will be generic.

On the other side, if a casino has been receiving complaints for a long time and there are a lot of negative feedback around the brand, it is time for blacklisting. Sadly, it means that the casino didn’t listen to the gamblers, which makes things even worse.

Usually, we will see that most of the complaints have the same base and that they correspond to the findings we have discovered. It is a guarantee that the casino is doing something bad, and it must end up on the list. It rarely happens that a casino had some complaints, but they have successfully resolved them. That casino doesn’t deserve to be on the list.

Keep in mind that many casinos will have a few complaints. Those are left by unhappy and frustrated players, and there is no way around them. You can see that all businesses available online have a couple of bad reviews. The situation is the same when it comes to online casinos.

Removing a casino from the black list

Some of you are wondering if removing a casino from the list is possible. The answer is yes and no. Most of the time, there is no need to do such a thing. The casino will not change its policy and it will still offer improper and bad gambling experiences. Most casinos will do nothing to sort out the main reason why they are on the list. Many of them don’t see a reason to do that.

Blacklist here is a powerful weapon we have against spam and unsafe casinos. Once the casino is on the list, its reputation will start to decline fast. The operator will lose gamblers, partners, and also licenses if they have one. At this point, there is no need to resolve the issues that made the casino end up on the list. Even if the casino becomes fair and safe to play, most players will still avoid it.

In most cases, a blacklisted casino will stay on the list and not do anything about it. They will eventually become offline, which is actually a good thing. It means that we were successful in what we wanted to do and we have removed one unsafe casino from the web.

A big problem here is that some casinos will rebrand. They will create a new website with a different name, logo, and with a different look in general. But, they will continue to use the same bad practice and they will still scam players. That’s why we must stay active all the time and hunt all of the casinos that must not be accessed by you. At the same time, we can discover new ones and add them to the lit. For you, this simply means that you should check out the list on a regular basis and avoid all casinos that are on it.

If you have found a specific casino and you want to check it, use the CTRL+F button while on the page and type in the name of the casino. If you see one result, skip playing at the casino. There is no point in wasting your money and time by playing here.

In rare cases, it is possible that a casino solves all the issues and becomes fair and worthy of your time. The bad thing is that we saw this happens a couple of times only. On the other side, many new casinos are added to the list on a regular basis. If that happens, the casino will be tested and checked by our team. If all the previous problems are resolved, we will take them off the list. If just one issue remains or we are skeptical, we will prolong the testing and act only if the casino is 100% fair and safe.

Tell us about the casino

We encourage you to help us in making online gambling safer. We would like to get your insights into a casino where you are gambling or, better said, where you are gambling. Here is how all of this works.

You will play at a casino, and you will notice that it has one of the issues you don’t like. Once you read this, you will not all about the reasons why we can blacklist a casino. Contact us and report the problem. We will check out the casino and test it as gamblers do. If we confirm that you are right and that the casino is rigged or something else, it will be added to the list as soon as possible.

In many cases, we noticed that players report the same things about the same casino. It is certain that the casino in question has been using shady techniques to stay in business or to scam gamblers. One way or another, we will want to hear what you have to say about the casino and why you think it should be on the list.

We also encourage you to report if a casino solved an issue. Maybe it was offering unrealistic deals or unfair games, but now this is all sorted out. We know that this happens rarely, and most gamblers will just move to a different casino and continue playing, but it is still worth our and your time. We hope that many casinos will try to do something in order to remove their name from the list and offer the type of gambling players need these days.



What is a blacklist of sites?

As the name suggests, this is a simple list. You can see the name of the casino, and you can see why it is on the list. Some casinos will be on the list because they offer rigged games. Others will be on the list because they sold your data. One way or another, a casino that fails to meet your expectations jeopardizes you, your money, or your data will be blacklisted. If that happens, it will end up on the list and will probably stay there forever.

Why should I avoid them?

There are countless reasons why you should avoid casinos from the list. The first one is the most severe and the most common, sadly. You can lose your money. Just imagine a case where you have created an account and deposited funds. You even claimed a bonus and play a game. You have won, but the casino will not pay you out!

What if I have already registered?

If you have created an account at the casino from our list, the first thing to do is to read the terms and conditions. If you see that the bonuses come with impossible conditions, don’t claim them. See why the casino is blacklisted. If it is on the list because there were a few complaints about poor customer support or something less severe, you can be still fine. Still, the best thing is obvious. Try to withdraw your funds immediately. Many casinos will allow you this, but not all.

Can I get my money back?

A short answer here is yes and no. In some cases, you can get a refund. This refers to deposits you have made and winnings you have won. But, in some cases, you won’t be able to get your money back.

How to identify an untrusted site?

The easiest way is to take a look at the list above. If you see that the casino is blacklisted and the reason is payment issues, don’t play there. A most common issue is that a casino will refuse to pay you out, even if you have won or deposited funds. If the casino is not on the list or you want to do these things by yourself, you can. Look at the license. If a casino has a license, it means that it was tested and you have rights you can use if needed.

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