Canadian Best UseMyFunds Casinos in 2024

You probably have heard of Usemyfunds at some point. This is a common method in Canada for gamblers and it is accepted at most casinos. There are a few reasons why this payment method isф so popular and so appealing. We will reveal the basics later on. At the moment, you need to know what we are going to discuss here.

Here we will talk about the payment method in question, why it is beneficial for players and also reveal the best casinos where you should play and why you should gamble there.  We will also reveal additional facts and information you may want to know. The goal is to reveal all the details you will ever need to know about the payment method and help you see if this method is suitable for you and why.

We believe that a lot of gamblers will like to hear what we have to say, and a lot of them will opt for UseMyFunds. After all, it is one of the most popular methods for gambling online and one that can make a huge difference. Without further ado, let’s begin.

What Is UseMyFunds?

You may believe that Usemyfunds is an e-wallet or a bank. It is neither of these things. As a matter of fact, the payment method is just a medium you will use to fund your funds from your bank account to the casino. But it does this perfectly, which makes it a bit different and more appealing than you may believe.

The payment method is versatile, accepted at many casinos, and works well in many different countries. This is a huge advantage if you want to try different casinos, for instance. At the same time, the payment method is paired with the best level of security, which makes it even more appealing. These days, players should use only safe payment methods to fund their accounts and play games at a casino.

UseMyFunds is also one of the simplest methods you can use for online gambling. You will literally need a couple of minutes to deposit funds and if we know that many Canadian casinos offer instant deposits, you are good to go. Now you can claim bonuses and start playing all the games you like. Another advantage here is the fact most casinos these days offer 4000 games or more so you can play all of them if you like. All of this does sound interesting.

UseMyFunds Casinos Reviews You Can Trust

Let’s imagine that you have read a complete Usemyfunds review and you are ready for the next step. It would be to find an online casino where you want to play. Luckily for you, there are a lot of online sites that accept this method, and offer great bonuses and amazing games. Here are some of the best casinos we were able to find.

  1.   Rocketpot.Io Casino

Rocketpot.Io Casino gives you 10% cashback as long as you want to play there. Then we can see over 3000 different games and also a lot of different prizes. You can use cryptocurrencies here as well.

  1.   Tsars

Tsars casino has been one of the leaders in the industry. Yes, you can use the payment method. You can also get impressive offers of up to CAD2000 paired with 2500 free spins. The fast withdrawals are amazing. Daily rewards are available here as well, and a weekly reload bonus is always available.

  1.   BitStarz Casino

BitStarz Casino offers you welcome match deposit offers, free spins, and a lot more. It is a well-known casino when it comes to fast deposits and withdrawals. We also like the impressive selection of games and also the fact you can use different devices to play games there.

  1.   King Billy Casino

The casino has been considered one of the best. You are looking at, CAD2500 in welcome bonus and 250 free spins. The VIP club is available alongside impressive tournaments.

How to Use UseMyFunds

When it comes to casino payment methods, most of them will require you to create an account at the payment method’s official website and use it. This is not the case with Usemyfunds online casinos. As a matter of fact, the only account you will need is the one at the casino you picked to play at. Once you have this, you are good to go.

The only thing you will have to do is to go to the cashier section and select UseMyFunds. Then, you will be presented with a new screen where you can enter the bank details and the amount of money you want to deposit. Confirm that, and you are done. The funds will be moved from your bank account to the online casino where you want to gamble. Now you can play the games you like.

As we have just mentioned, there is no need to create a separate account at UseMyFunds or anything similar. All of this is impressively secure. Keep in mind that the payment method will not keep your data. Hence, you are enjoying the safety as well.

UseMyFunds Casino Slots

All possible Usemyfunds casinos are offering slots. Yes, you can play all of these if you deposit funds. Slots are super-easy casino games to play. All you have to do is to place a bet and click spin. The reels of the game will spin, and once they are done, you will be presented with a winning combination, hopefully. Now you can use the funds to play even more, or you can withdraw them and enjoy them for something else.

Slots are very interesting due to a few reasons. For instance, people like slots because they are easy to play, as stated above, offer great prizes and casinos offer great deals for the slots. You can even get 200 free spins to use on a specific slot.

A separate thing here is the progressive slot. This is a game that looks like any other slot. But it has a massive jackpot that will base on the bets inside the whole network. This means that one slot can offer millions or even more. You can win the jackpot in the same way you will win in any other slot. Once you are done, you can change your life completely. It is that simple.

The problems with using UseMyFunds on Casinos

At first sight, we cannot see any major issues with UseMyFunds. But, if we take a deep look into the payment method, we can see some problems. For instance, this payment method can be used for withdrawals. But, this is a complicated step, and most gamblers will choose another method. Other payment methods require you to complete a withdrawal request within seconds. Here you will need a lot more time.

You will need to have an account at a Canadian bank. Let’s assume you already have this. Then you will need to open an account at UseMyFunds and complete a few forms that will allow you to use Pre-Authorized Debit. Once this is approved, you will get a few deposits to your account. Now you can go to the casino and use the payment method to withdraw the funds. It is a simple process in a nutshell, but it does require a lot of time.

Another issue here is that many casinos do not offer withdrawals via this particular payment method. You will have to use another one. An interesting fact is that more and more casinos are adding support for UseMyFunds for withdrawals, but the total number is still lower than you may believe. It can be a serious disadvantage for some players.

UseMyFunds Blackjack

If you visit all Usemyfunds online casinos, you will see that blackjack is a very common game at all of these casinos. The game itself is easy to learn how to play, and it can give you impressive winnings. The goal is to have a sum of cards that is 21 or below. But the dealer will have their own hand, and he will also try to defeat you. Both of you must stay at 21, or you will lose the game.

A nice advantage of the game is the fact there are a lot of variations. You can play Mini Blackjack, European Blackjack, and many more. All of these have the same base, but there are different rules you need to follow, different bets are supported, and so much more. It is advised to pick the version of the game you like and then play it for real money at the online casino.

We would like to add that live Blackjack is especially popular in Canada now. You will play with the dealer, and you will stream the whole game. The quality is always HD, and the dealers are experts in what they do. Once again, we can see that an average casino will offer live blackjack in multiple variations.

UseMyFunds Poker

If you are one of many people who like playing poker, now you can. Deposit funds using the payment method we are discussing here, and you are good to go. You can pick which version of poker you will play. All casinos will offer you Texas Hold’em, Omaha Low, Caribbean Poker, and more. These are just some of the most popular variations you can play right now.

Video poker is available as well. This is one of the most popular and appealing variations of the game. The best part is the fact you can find over 80 versions at an average casino, and you can play all of them.

Poker is not a typical casino game. There are a lot of people who are professional players, and all of them will claim that poker is a game where you need skills and where you can master the skills and become much better in the game. We believe this is true, and you should practice the game first in order to boost your skills and then you can play it for real money. In that case scenario, you can even participate in tournaments that are impressive and will help you have even more fun. In Canada, special Poker tournaments are available around the clock.

How To Begin Playing With UseMyFunds

If you are a newbie in all of this, you will want to know how you can start playing using UseMyFunds and how you can place the first bet. Let’s see the steps below, and we will try to keep things easy and simple so you don’t have any complications when using this payment method.

  1.   The first thing here is to choose the casino where you will want to play. We have presented the best ones so you can choose the one that matches your criteria the most. Once you are done, you can move to the next step.
  2.   Create an account at the casino, and you can go to the cashier section. There you will choose UseMyFunds, and you will click on the icon.
  3.   Enter the bank account details and the amount you want to deposit at the casino.
  4.   The deposit will be completed instantly, and you can claim a bonus from the casino. All of these casinos will offer a few bonuses, which is a good thing.
  5.   Now you can play any game you like and have fun.

Once you are done with gambling or you have won, you will want to withdraw the funds and be free to use any method you like. If you want to use UseMyFunds you can, but you will need an account, and you will need to fill out the forms in order to be eligible for withdrawals.

Bonuses at UseMyFunds Casinos

You may know already that all Usemyfunds casinos offer bonuses. There are a lot of different bonuses you can claim, and each one is special. Here we will cover the main types of bonuses these casinos offer. Keep in mind that you should try to claim as many of them as you can.

  • Free Spins

These are given for slots, and you can get up to 250 free spins to use on a specific slot. You can get them as a part of a welcome offer or as a standalone bonus. In addition, you can get these on a regular basis.

  • Welcome Match Deposit Bonus

These are the most common bonuses of them all. Once you have deposited funds, you will get a match bonus from the casino that can be 100%, 200% or even more. Some casinos will pair a welcome offer with free spins and give these on the first 5 deposits.

  • Reload Bonus

It means that once you deposit funds, the casino will give you a match bonus. In other words, the casino will give you a percentage of the amount you have deposited on top of your deposit.

What Can You Expect To Find On UseMyFunds Casinos?

What can you expect to get at these casinos, and why you may want to play here? The first thing that you will enjoy is safety. We will only recommend safe casinos to you that are fair at the same time and offer fair games. These casinos have a proper license, are properly tested by millions, and come with great games. You can see all the software developers you can imagine. This is another advantage. It simply means that you can enjoy any you like.

Then you can expect bonuses. If you recall, we have listed all the types of bonuses these casinos have to offer. They are loaded with promotions. The best part here is the fact that you can get all of the bonuses at a single casino. That’s why you should always look at the promotions page and claim all of the offers you can.

The Benefits of UseMyFunds Gambling

For those of you who have read the Usemyfunds review, it is obvious that this payment method does come with some interesting advantages. We will have to discuss them here in order to reveal the basics and help you understand the payment method even more.

There is no need to add that the payment method is secure. It has been used by millions of players for online gambling in Canada. Hence, you don’t have to worry about anything. This is not some new method that can be unsafe or can scam you. UseMyFunds has been with us for over 2 decades, so this does mean a lot. It is safe, and actually, safety is much better than some other payment methods have to offer.

UseMyFunds is becoming more and more popular in the online industry. More and more casinos are adding this to the list of supported payment methods, and now you will know why. The whole payment method is based on simplicity, speed and does have a lot to offer. Check out these advantages in order to understand it even more.

Playing with spare change

At Usemyfunds online casinos you can play with spare change. As a matter of fact, you can play with a very low deposit. In some casinos, you can even deposit CAD1 or CAD2 and play the games. Keep in mind that you will still get bonus or bonuses, and you will have more funds to play with. Don’t forget that you will have the ability to play with even more bonuses in the future, which will maximize your winning odds, and you will have more fun.

The time when you had to invest a serious amount of money to play online games is long gone. Now you can play on a budget, and you can have more fun than you can imagine. All casinos in Canada have a very low deposit minimum. They have a low withdrawal minimum as well. This means that you can deposit a small amount of money, play, and withdraw a small amount of money as well.


Using this particular payment method is safe and sound. You can enjoy anonymity as much as you like. What this means is that you can deposit funds, and nobody will know that you are gambling here. First of all, when it comes to deposits, you don’t need a new account at UseMyFunds. You only need to select this payment method while gambling and provide your bank details. This is all you will have to do. Then we can see that no matter how many times you deposit using the method in question, you get the same level of security and anonymity.

This is the same or similar to using cryptocurrencies. In simple terms, you can hide your identity and you can play in stealth mode. Other payment methods will not allow you this. As you know already, you will have to create an account with all of these payment methods and you will need to provide a lot of data and personal information. This is not something that many gamblers like to do. They want, need, and like anonymity. There is something special about it.

Transfer Speed

All deposits using UseMyFunds are instant. In simple terms, you will have to deposit funds and you will see that the funds are available in your casino account immediately. Now you can use them for playing any game you like and winning. Players these days love and need instant deposits. They need to fund the account as soon as possible and have fun at the casino. If the payment method doesn’t support that, they will find a new one. Luckily UseMyFunds does support this perk.

The second thing here is that UseMyFunds can be used for withdrawals. The whole process is not as simple as you may believe, but it is available, and you can do it. The issue here is the complexity that can be a problem for some players. In both cases, you are looking at instant transaction times. Now imagine if you are using this payment method to withdraw your massive winnings. These can be millions, and you will get the funds within seconds to your account. Even better, if you are getting the funds to your bank account, you can link them to the card immediately. Once you are done, you can use the funds for anything you like.


UseMyFunds doesn’t come with any fees for withdrawals. What this means is that you will get the same amount in your casino account as you have entered to deposit. There are no hidden fees, conversions or anything like that. You will get instant speed, and you won’t have to pay for this. Keep in mind that some payment methods are appealing to use, but they come with a lot of fees and conversions that are far from appealing.

Gamblers don’t like paying for fees. After all, this is your money, and you need the ability to have the funds available in your account as much as possible. More funds is always a good thing. You will end up with more money to gamble, and you can win more. At the same time, you will avoid payments to any brand, so there is some appeal in this as well.

We like payment methods that come without any fees. This is the best option and the one we will really want to see even more in the near future. We believe that most gamblers will agree with us and believe that free payment methods are the best. They do come with a lot of perks and advantages.

Helping the Crypto Community

Usemyfunds casinos are also known for accepting cryptocurrencies. This can mean that casinos will promote the use of virtual currencies of this kind for gambling. More people will use them. Hence, more people will spread the word. We believe that the link between UseMyFunds and cryptocurrencies is impressive, and it will become even better and more important in the near future.

The goal is to help the crypto community in any way possible. If you are interested in that, you may want to buy Bitcoin or start mining it. This is just one of many examples. As you know already, there are countless cryptocurrencies out there, and each one is special and different. Trading these can be similar to gambling, but most disagree.

What To Consider When Choosing an UseMyFunds Casino for Gambling?

There are a few things you need to know here. The first thing to do is to choose one casino from our list. These casinos are properly tested by experienced gamblers, and they must pass a strict test in order to be on the list. All of them are safe and fair and will give you what they claim to provide.

If you want to play at a different casino, you will need to know a few things. The first one is the license. A casino must be licensed in Canada to offer games to Canadian people. Casinos without a license are not a great option. They can be unsafe or there might be some other issues. This is absolutely important.

The next thing you will want to consider is the bonus page or promotions page. Here you will want to see all the bonuses possible. Look for free spins, welcome deposit match bonuses, cashback offers, and also other packages. The goal here is to get as many bonuses as possible. Bonuses are free money from the casino. Hence, you can win more because you will have more to play with. Free spins are essential for players who want to play slots.

The next thing is to look for casinos that offer a lot of games and still support Usemyfunds. When these two are paired, you are looking at impressive gambling, and you can enjoy the casino as long as you like. The possibilities are endless.

The Best Land-Based UseMyFunds Casinos in Canada

Casino name Location Phone number Website
Caesars Windsor 377 Riverside Drive East, Windsor, Ontario 1-800-991-7777
River Rock Casino 8811 River Road, Richmond, British Columbia 1-866-748-3718
Casino Niagara 5705 Falls Avenue, Niagara Falls, Ontario 1-888-325-5788
River Cree Resort and Casino 300 East Lapotac Blvd Box 179 Enoch, Alberta T7X 3Y3 (780)484-2121
Casino de Montréal 1, avenue du Casino, Montréal, Québec 1-800-665-2274



Are casinos that accept UseMyFunds legal?

Yes, these casinos are legal. But you will have to look at the license. If the casino has a proper license to offer the games in Canada, you don’t have anything to worry about. Always consider this factor. In addition, casinos that use UseMyFunds method are generally extremely safe. The payment method works only with safe and legal casinos on the web.

Pros & Cons of using UseMyFunds?

The main advantages or pros include security, anonymity, speed of transactions, and the lack of any fees. Yes, using this payment method is completely free. We can add that it is being accepted at many online casinos. Hence, you can easily find the one where you will play using this method. The cons include complicated withdrawal and the fact there are many casinos that don’t support UseMyFunds. There are no serious issues with this payment method, and it is one of the best-ranked payment methods for online gambling in Canada.

How to play on UseMyFunds casinos?

The first thing you will need to do is to deposit funds. Just pick this method and provide the needed details. There is no need to create an account at UseMyFunds or anything similar. Then, claim a bonus you like, and you are ready to pick a game you want to play. Once done, have fun and enjoy. These casinos come with thousands of games, so you can easily pick the one that matches your needs the most. Look at slots, table games, and live dealer games. These are the first types of casino games you will want to consider.

What’s the best UseMyFunds casino in your opinion?

There are a lot of great casinos of this kind, and new ones are rising as we speak. But we really like Rocketpot.Io Casino. The main advantage here is the database of games. This casino has over 3000 games already., But new ones are added on a regular basis. The next main advantage is the cashback offer. This means that the casino will give you a part of your losses back to your account every single week. You can use the funds to play games again, and you can win this time. It is a great offer.

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