Online Slot Review Policy

Slots have been one of the most popular games online at all casinos. There are countless slots you can play, and each one is spectacular, appealing to play, and fun in lack of a better word. Our mission is to find the best slots or give you details about a particular slot you want to play. These details can make a massive difference. For instance, you can see that some slots are just right for you while others are not appealing, and you should play a different one.

If you believe that all of this is simple and we need a few seconds of our time, you are wrong. In reality, this is a complicated task and one that has a lot of factors we will have to check the slot for. In the end, if a slot meets our expectations and offers all the things we must see, and you will want to get, the slot will be on the list.

You may believe that slots are so simple that they don’t have any features or anything that we can test. In reality, we check over 10 different things of each slot, and our rank will be based on the total sum of points.

We will always take a deep look into slots that are very popular and appealing. Those slots are impressive for most players, but they still need to be properly tested in order to determine why and how you should play them.

Always remember that we will play each slot we are reviewing. We will not consult reviews from other websites, but we will listen to reviews of players who have been playing that particular slot. This is the best outcome and the one we will want to apply to all our reviews.

What are we considering?

In order to make sure that the slot is great for our players, we will take a look at different factors. One of them is the developer of the slot when it was developed, and on which technology. We like and prefer slots developed in HTML5 technology. This allows them to run on any operating system. In other words, a slot developed in this technology allows you to play it on a smartphone Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry and etc.). Older slots will run on computers only, and they will fail when you want to play on a smartphone.

The next thing that is more than just important is the theme of the game. Each slot has a unique theme, and this is perfect. It makes slots more versatile and appealing. Some slots are based on ancient civilizations, others on movies or TV shows, and some on fruits. There are countless possibilities.

Then we will take a look at the graphics, animations, and sound effects. When all of these match the slot, it will be a real pleasure to play. Modern slots must have smooth animations that make gambling more appealing and desirable. Music and sound effects must be great as well. They must be detailed and match the gameplay perfectly. It is a great advantage and something we will enjoy looking at.

What is RTP?

All slots have RTP. It stands for Return to the player, and it is one of the factors we consider, and you should as well. This refers to the amount of money a slot should theoretically give you back. For instance, if you invest $100 and the game has 99% RTP, you should get $99 while playing the slot. As you can imagine, a higher RTP is better. It means that you can win more by playing the slot.

In other words, a higher RTP is always a better choice and the one you will appreciate when playing the slot. Now, all slots have a high RTP percentage. You can see that most of them are in the 96%-98% range. However, even a small difference here can make a difference and can help you win more.

All casino games have RTP, which is one of the most important factors to look for when choosing which one to play. Sots generally have high RTP, which is one of the reasons why so many players like them.

A slot will have RTP listed in the help section, and you can see how high it is. You can notice that in some reviews, you will see a very high RTP, but when you start to play the game, it will be much lower. We don’t do this, and we will always compare RTP at the official developer and within the game.

Review scale

You can see that all our slots are properly ranked, and each one has a unique score. The score is based on all the factors we will check. In general, we will rank animations, bonuses, RTP, theme, attention to detail, and gameplay. If a slot gets high ratings for all factors, it will be ranked very high. If one of the factors is not great, the result will be lower. The slot will not be on the list if all the factors are poorly ranked. We will refuse to feature that slot due to the fact the game is not stunning to play, and it doesn’t deserve your attention. In addition, some slots that have lower ranks will be ranked accordingly.

This system allows us to present to you all the games we have tested properly and make a clear difference between which ones deserve your attention and which ones do not.

Safe play

It is mandatory that the slot we are testing offers a safe play. There are a few things we will check here. For instance, the slot must be developed by a well-known software developer, and we must be able to see all the details about the game. If there are no specifics and details, we will refuse to rank the slot. It can mean that the game is rigged.

We also like to see winning details by players who won playing the game or we want to win when we are playing it. This tells us that the slot actually pays out, and you can get actual winnings. You are investing your money. Hence, you want the ability to win big prizes and get the jackpot.

Last but not least, we will check how safe the game truly is. For this, we use special tools and basically can check the random number generator, communication between the slot and the server, and so much more. This is not something you can do at home, so it is one reason why you should use our help.

Updated Reviews

All the reviews we have here are updated on a regular basis. Slots are games, and as such, they get updates the same as PC games or online games. These updates can change animations, and graphics, add new features or remove old ones. When this happens, we will test new versions and update the review. It is possible that a slot gets a better rank due to the addition of new features, better bonuses or etc. It is also possible that a slot gets a lower score and ends up further below the list.

In rare cases, it happens that a slot game will become less appealing to players due to much lower RTP or other issues. We can remove the game from the list or present it as avoid slot! This rarely happens, but we are ready if it happens.

You can see how time-consuming this all is. We test countless slots every week, and we must make sure that all of them have the same rank and the same features we liked the first time. If we see something we don’t like, we will update the review and help you understand that.

We have a special team that deals will slots only. This helps us update the reviews as soon as possible and also makes sure that gamblers avoid playing slots that are rigged or don’t deserve their attention. If you know that software developers are developing new games on a regular basis, you can see how much all of this is important.

Source Protection and Privacy

All slots must respect your privacy. There are a lot of things we will check in this case scenario. For instance, we will see the communication between the game and the casino or software developer. We will test the slot and see how safe it is and which systems it uses to make sure you get the safety needed. Many slots are great at this. They will not ask you for personal details, and they can be played in a safe manner. But there are some slots that are different. Those slots will be reported by our team and flagged.

Slots must protect your funds while playing as well. There is no room here for anything else. You must be able to place a specific number of bets according to coin value and the number of activated paylines. This does affect your gambling and can help you win more or less.

If all of these things are great and the slot is safe and protects your data, it will be featured on our lists, and we will review it. But, if it is not, then we will recommend you not to play the game and find another one. A great advantage here is the fact slots come in massive numbers, so you can always find the one you would like to play.



Which slots have the highest payouts?

There are a lot of games with very high payouts. Some of the examples are Book of 99 Slot, Blood Suckers Slot, Jackpot 6000 Slot, and Koi Gate Slot. All of these have RTP above 96%, which is great. This means that you can theoretically win the most by playing a slot on this list. Some players will only play games with the highest payouts possible.

Can I play slots with a casino bonus?

Yes, you can play certain slots with the bonus. Keep in mind that you can play slots with free spins provided by the casino. In this case scenario, you can use them for specific slots only. You can play slots with a match deposit bonus as well, but you can play more slots in this way. Now, how much bonus funds you can get will depend on the casino. Some sites offer 200 free spins, and you can use them on a single slot. Others offer a 200% match deposit bonus, and you can use it on slots as well. There are countless variations here, so it is recommended to check out the bonus terms in order to find out which slots you can play and which conditions you must meet.

Can I play new slots on mobile?

Yes, all new slots can be played on a smartphone. This is possible because new slots are developed in HTML5 technology, and they come with impressive graphics, features, and more. You can play old slots as well. This is possible because software developers will port many of the games to run on HTML5 technology. Hence, they are smartphone-compatible. However, not all old slots are ported, so you cannot play all of them on your Android phone or iPhone. The good thing is that many if not all, software developers are working on porting the old games, meaning soon you will be able to play even more of them on a smartphone.

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