Learn About Our Casino Review And Rating Process

Welcome to the website that will make sure you are always playing casino games at great casinos that are safe, loaded with bonuses, and so much more. This is just a small part of our mission and one of the things that we will do for you. In a nutshell, we will test the casino and compare all the factors or better-said elements that players need. If a casino deserves to be on the list. We will rank it. If there are some issues, we will not! At the same time, we will create detailed lists where you can see the strong sides of a casino and understand why it is on the list.

This is our passion and one possible thanks to our team. All of them are people experienced with gambling and actual gamblers. They love to spend time at online casinos, play games and enjoy this form of entertainment. At the same time, they are interested in sharing all the experiences they got at that casino with you. This is a good thing. It means you can learn where you should gamble and why within minutes.

We also like working for you. It is a nice feeling knowing that you will play at a casino that is just right for gamblers. Keep in mind that there are a lot of casinos on the web that are not safe, have annoying offers, and so much more. A part of our mission is to help you avoid these casinos. There is no need to play at these sites. There are more issues than positive sides. Hence, we will tell you which ones to avoid and why.

All casinos we will test will be ranked. This is a good thing and one that you need to understand more. The ranking method is based on collected points while testing the casino. We evaluate all sorts of factors (more on that later), and we will reveal which elements of the casino are impressive, special, and better than average. Also, we will reveal which sides of the casino are not perfect. You need to have a clear picture of what to expect at the casino and why it is a right or not suitable place for you to play there.

Below, you will be able to see all the things that are important in this case scenario. We will reveal why our reviews are different, why you should use them, and also which factors we will use when it comes to testing and ranking the casinos. Lastly, we will reveal additional facts you may want to know. Without further ado, let’s begin.

What does it take for a casino to be featured on our website?

There are a lot of things we will consider in order to rank and feature a casino. The first thing here is that the complete rank is based on the factors we will explain below. The second thing to know is that each casino is tested. Hence, we can provide an honest and detailed review.

In general, a casino must be safe. We use several sub-factors to ensure the casino is safe and offers a fair gambling experience. Then we will look at possible issues we had or may have at the casino. If during our gambling, we had a problem or multiple ones, the casino cannot be featured on the site. It happens because the casino is new, has unsafe practices, or something completely else. One way or another, we don’t want to recommend a casino that will fail to meet your expectations.

A casino must offer a great gambling experience. A player must be able to play at that casino and have fun without a single problem. If we know that a particular casino will provide that, it will be featured. But, even if we are worried that a single issue is problematic or can cause problems in the future, we will skip ranking that casino.

All casinos here must have a proper reputation. Even if we notice that some players had an issue or experienced some problems while playing games, the casino will not be on the list. This means that the casino may cause issues at some point for certain players. Hence, it cannot be featured here!

Why our reviews are different than others you can find on the internet

As you know already, there are countless websites that will claim to offer detailed, honest, and special reviews of casinos. Most of them are not what you think. Those reviews come from checking a casino and reading about the offers, policies, and games. Some reviews will even count all the games available at the casino, but will not play a single one. This is the biggest issue here and the one that affects most of those sites.

In a nutshell, they will review a casino without playing at that site. As you can see, this is a huge problem. How will players know that a casino on that list is safe, what it offers, and how it offers that? The answer is they won’t. If you are one of them, you will have to play there and see for yourself what you can expect and how you can get the things you like.

The bottom line here is that our reviews are actual reviews based on testing a casino and checking about all the features, perks, pros, and cons. The rank is based on all of these things. A player will know what he or she can expect from the casino before creating an account and playing games.

Detailed look at the considered factors and how they influence our ratings

Here is the main element of this content and the one you will want to know all about. Below, we will reveal all the factors we will use to test and rank online casinos. There are a few of them, and at first sight, they may look irrelevant. But, if you read all of the things we have to say here, you will understand why these are so important and even essential.

There is no need to tell you that we use all of these factors when testing a casino, and we will make sure that each one has been applied to the website in detail. It is possible that a casino has 6 great grades on 6 factors, but one is catastrophic. It will not be on the list. Once you read the factors and understand them, you will see why this is important and why this happens.

The best casino is the one that has high or above-average ratings in all sections. A decent casino is one that has extremely high ratings in some factors but average ones in others. At the end of the day, these will form a complete or ultimate rank of the casino, and they will be featured on the website here.

Security and Trust

It is the first thing we check at any casino and the first one that we will consider. The goal here is to check for a few things all casinos must have. The first one is a gambling license. A casino must have one from MGA, UKGC, Curaçao, or some other gambling authority. If a casino has a license, it will offer fair games, players have rights they can use and at the same time. Only licensed casinos will be on our list. The ones without a license are not recommended. It is possible that a casino is rigged, and we won’t want that to happen to our readers.

SSL is another thing we will check the site for. All casinos on the list must have SSL encryption. This is a technology that will make sure your data is encrypted at all times. In simple terms, this means that nobody will be able to get their hands on your data and use it. Luckily, most casinos have SSL and additional technologies that make this factor easy to conclude.

Games and Software

There are a couple of things we will check at the casino that is all related to games and software. The first one is how a website is developed. Is it developed on WordPress or some other platform? The goal here is to have a fast, responsible, and easy-to-navigate website.

The second thing we will look for is the games. More games are always a better choice. It means that a player can pay there for a longer period of time and have more fun. At the same time, more games mean that a casino looks more professional and a better place to gamble. We like to see casinos that have between 2000 and 5000 games. Casinos with 100-200 games are not ideal. Players will usually be unable to find all the games they want to play.

Here we also check for software developers. More brands mean that the casino offers more games, has versatile games, and ensures that players can have more fun while playing some of the most impressive games. This also means that a casino is a professional gambling site because it cooperates with multiple brands.

Bonuses and Promotions

For us, this is an important factor. For you, this is one of the most important things at a casino. All casinos these days offer bonuses, but there are countless variations. First of all, some casinos offer bonuses that look impressive but should be avoided. There is no need to add that those sites will never end up on the list. For example, if a casino offers a welcome bonus that is 900% but wagering requirements are 400 times, we will never recommend that bonus. There is no point in claiming it!

The next thing here, we will always check, is the versatility of bonuses. An ideal casino will offer no deposit bonuses, free spins, and welcome offers, among others. Cashback offers, reload bonuses, and daily/weekly promotions are welcomed as well. Many bonuses, paired with reasonable terms and conditions are the best outcome and the one we will want to see. Bonuses are essential for players. They are free money gamblers can use to play even longer and even win more. All gamblers love them.

Banking & Money

A great casino that has all of the factors here perfectly but has just one payment method and slow transactions is not an appealing choice. Casinos must offer multiple payment methods. We want to see support for credit and debit cards, e-wallets, and pre-paid cards. A great bonus here is support for cryptocurrencies. The best casino will support all of these and support all variations. For you, this means that you can deposit funds using a method you already have and the one you have been using for a long time.

Transaction times are extremely important. We would appreciate it if the casino had instant deposits and withdrawals. This simply means that the casino will instantly deposit funds into your account and give you the money you have won. But this is not always possible. Some casinos need 1-3 days to complete withdrawals, which is fine. Casinos that complete these tasks within 10 days are not appealing!

Last but not least, we will check which currencies the casino offers. The desired currency is mandatory. There is no need to pay exchange fees and etc. In addition, we will always check for deposit and withdrawal fees. The best casino won’t have these.

Customer Care

Customer care or customer support has a huge role in all of this. Newbies but also experienced players will have some issues with the usability of the casino. They will need help, or they simply want to know something about the casino. The only way a player can get that information is from customer support.

Customer support must be available via live chat, and it must be available 24/7. We believe that this is the best choice and the one that can help most players in the least time. Telephone support and email support are appealing as well, and they deserve your attention as well. We can add that the best casino here will have all these support methods available.

However, we will check support agents as well. At some casinos, you must have an account in order to check these so you can see why our reviews are more detailed than the others. When we check for support agents, we want to get fast and reliable help that is paired with professionalism. A special advantage here is that the casino offers you the ability to rank customer support once you get help. A casino without customer support is not a wise decision and one that you will not want to gamble at.


Most gamblers will play games using their smartphone or tablet. This is known as mobile-friendly gameplay and mobile compatibility. In other terms, a casino will offer you the ability to play games via the app or using the web browser. This is mandatory, and a casino without this support will not be on the list here. Why? What if a player wants to play a game using his smartphone? How he will do that if a casino doesn’t support this method? That player will have to play at a different casino, which makes our rank not really accurate and worthy!

The next thing here is the quality of mobile gambling. A casino must offer you a lot of games to play and must make sure that UI is simple, modern, and easy to use. When all of these sub-factors are ranked high, the whole factor will be ranked high.


Most casinos will have a list of blocked countries. Theoretically, you can use VPN to play at all casinos, but this is not always recommended. That’s why we will check the list of blocked countries and also the list of supported countries. There is no need to add that a casino must support players from the desired country. If it doesn’t, testing will end, and we will not rank that casino. There is no point.

In a nutshell, here we like to see casinos that support players from most countries. It makes the website versatile and also more appealing. It makes it more capable, more versatile, and more appealing to more players. There is no casino that doesn’t have restricted countries. Keep that in mind.

This can change at any given moment. Hence, we will always keep our eyes on the changes a casino will make. If we are notified, or we notice that a casino has blocked players from a specific country, we will update the review. It is mandatory, and it is one of the things players will want to know.

How we collect data about casinos and keep our reviews up to date

This is a more complicated process than you may believe. The first thing we will do is create an account at the casino and test it by playing games, making deposits, and withdrawing our winnings. The second thing happens only if we are happy with the casino.

We will start an affiliate program with that casino. If all goes well, we will continue testing the casino and monitoring the changes, improvements, and anything else that is linked to the factors you saw above. There is no way around this, and it is one of the ways we can make sure that the reviews and ranks are always accurate and honest.

We also listen to our readers. It is possible that a casino makes a change but doesn’t inform us. We will update the review and make the needed changes as soon as we get the update. Most other sites of the same kind don’t do this. They will rely on other things that are not always accurate or are very slow.

This is the moment when we want to encourage you to check a casino where you have been playing for so long and inform us about any changes, improvements, or any possible issues that may happen. If they are, we will act immediately and change the review. It is even possible to remove the casino from the list. It doesn’t happen, but our players deserve this advantage.

What happens when a casino isn’t quite up to scratch?

There are a lot of casinos where we will play games, have fun and enjoy ourselves. Ranking those sites is a simple and easy task. But, there are a lot of casinos where we will get a lot of great things, and all factors will be met, but one or two issues will arise. What will we do in that case scenario?

It depends on the issue present. If the casino is great but doesn’t have a license, we will not rank it. This is a serious problem, and that casino may be problematic for some players. It doesn’t deserve to be on our list.

On the other hand, if a casino has minor issues, like supports only 12-hour live chat or doesn’t have all the bonuses we want to see, it will be featured on the list but has a lower rating. This can be one of the advantages of our list.

See, maybe a casino doesn’t offer a bonus, but you don’t need that bonus. It can still help you have superb gambling sessions. Hence, it should be on the list, and you should know about that casino. 

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